In case if you want to have a look at my professional profile, its here.But please do understand, its on high level.






By now I am sure you might got some idea as what I do for the living.Just to give you some additional insights on my profession work, I do testing,peformance engineering etc,testing of various types of softwares,some softwares has got nice good looking structure and some are bare bones bodies.I have been testing these types of stuffs for quite some time now ,should be close to 10 years.




I am also known in my professional circle as good,knowledgeable guy who knows a lot of good and bad stuff on Software Performance Engineering.

Ah wait a second I dont fully agree with those comments since this is highly specialised field with lots of moving parts to deal with.There exists backend servers,middleware servers,network and many other things out of which some are known and some are unknowns(I believe there is nothing called right solution or answers in this field,but there always exists right steps to do).My job here is keep all parts cohesive and keep them  moving together at all times with little or no loss of energy or any parts.I have to frequently oil them so that they perform their jobs well and maintain their cohesiveness.I have been doing this for long time now and have done it quite successfully.Some of the tool sets I have extensively used on job are HP LoadRunner,Microfocus SilkPerformer(earlier Borland),HP Performance Center and many more open source tools out of which some fall in the category of Load Generation and some fall in category of Monitoring.In short, I am a Software Performance Engineer with lot and lots of hands on Java and Microsoft Technologies.Additionally I have also done lot of coding on Java platform(Still doing it on ongoing basis).Currently I am also  working on some of exciting projects based on barebone MVC Java Web Technologies.

Now some flash back of my past life,quite a few close friends also know me as a guy who has sold shoes in the island where no one wear shoes.(I am sure you know this story).In my past life,I have been both Hunter as well as Farmer and was known for growing crops on barren lands.I have done this successfully  many times and in odd places of western maharashtra,Karnataka and so many small cities.(I really miss those days of hunting in various cities like Chiplun,sawantwadi, devgad , karwar , sundagatte , tiptur ,chitradurga , bangalore , tumkur , solapur , sangli ,kolhapur).I have done extensive farming and hunting in steel,cement and Petroleum forests with some of the very large companies(100+ crs).



This is all I have done in my life after college,though few of these activites started right from my college days.I was never a studious guy, but I did manage to get call from elite Management colleges during my teen days.Unfortunately luck was not on my side.My dad often says I am not intelligent or smart guy but definitely hard working ,trustworthy and honest.

I  often prey to god,there is so much that we can do to improve quality of life,there is so much of knowledge that lies un tested, there are so many paths which no one has travelled,there is so much of ignorance around us,maybe some day I could experiment with those unknowns. Just give me some strength and some will power.

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