I am Kiran Badi,Software Performance Engineer by Profession.


This is my Personal Site and whole purpose of this site is

to have some online presence outside my work area.


I do write occasionally at this site.











Born in Gadag,Karnataka State,India, I have lived most of my time in Mumbai,Bangalore,Kolhapur and Pune.I have completed Post Graduate Diploma in Petroleum Exploration(2001 to 2003) from Annamalai University,Tamil Nadu(India).I am also Civil Engineer by Profession,having done my Bachelor of Engineering from Bangalore University(B.E) from 1993 to 1997.


On the  Personal Side,I am a Religious Person so I believe in Karma.Due to these views. I believe in doing right things at all times irrespective of the circumstances or situations.Of course sometimes I fail,but again I sincerely make an attempt before failing.


On the professional Side, I do contribute occasionally to the communities I moderate on the internet.You can find me on the LinkedIn LoadRunner, LinkedIn SilkPerformer Groups.If you have any questions related to Software Performance Engineering, feel free to come to these groups.However please do ensure that you have done sufficient research/attempts on the issue before posting.


I am also working on some of the most exciting projects on J2EE technologies which will help me to build some real time assets going forward.Currently these are on development phase so cannot commit anything on these till I have clear roadmap.Hopefully I should come up with something soon.



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